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CityGroup Host


Host A Small Group

Life happens in circles and not rows. Gathering with 10-15 CityScape family members in your home, a coffee shop, park or at the church and doing life together. CityGroups is life on life walking together with Christ. If you would be interested in hosting or leading a CityGroup reach out to Dianna Cash.

• Background Check Required

• Interview Required

Contact: Jonathan Moore:

Join A Small Group

The church is about doing life together in true community style. CityGroups meet all over our city during the week and discuss Sunday’s sermon and go through other books of the bible as well as other discipleship materials. These groups have about a dozen people and they represent Christ with the disciples. Circles are better than rows and gathering in one another’s homes is a great way to connect on a deeper level as you grow closer to Christ. Get plugged and see how the Lord will transform your life.

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